Tracking P90X3 workouts with Strong

February 05, 2019

p90x3 workout training app tracking

In my post about marathon training I talked about mixing P90X3 workouts into my training plan. I also mentioned tracking my workouts. I track my results in the strength training workouts from P90X3 so I can see my progress. Historically, I have done this by printing out their worksheets and filling those in. I hate printing things, though, and if I’m travelling, I do not want to be worrying about bringing along paperwork in addition to my workout gear.

In many of the workout videos from P90X3, Tony Horton mentions a P90X app for mobile devices. After looking for it, I discovered that it no longer exists. I don’t know why, but they either pulled it from the app stores, or they stopped paying the fees for their Apple developer account and their apps were pulled as a result. Either way, poof. It’s gone.

I never got to use Beach Body’s app, but I have found a suitable replacement in Strong. A lot of fellow software developers, whom I also correspond with about fitness and training, use Strong to track their workouts (mostly lifting). You can create custom workouts and exercises, so it was perfect for my needs. I tried it out a few times and liked it so much I bought the lifetime license for it.

Screenshot of P90X3 Total Synergistics routine in Strong app

I spent a fair amount of time creating custom workouts in Strong for the P90X3 workouts I do. I hit a snag near the start where I realized if I just pull in the standard “pull up” exercise that the app comes with, and I do it in more than one workout, the values update across workouts. That’s actually a problem for how the P90X3 system works, because some workouts share exercises, but you need to track them separately. So, I ended up creating custom exercises for each move in the P90X3 workouts, before I discovered that you can turn off in Profile -> Settings -> Bonus options by changing the “Previous set” value to “Same routine only”.

Screenshot of Strong's bonus options

So, if you’d like to use Strong and P90X3, then feel free to utilize the custom workouts I created. You should open these links on your mobile device with Strong already installed.

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