You can't run naked

February 03, 2019

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Well, you can if you want to. Be sure to consult your local legal code.

Personally, I prefer being clothed. However, what that clothing consists of depends on the weather. I have acquired a variety of clothes specifically for running (and exercise) now. Spring, summer, and fall I generally wear shorts and a shirt. Although, as I’ve been running more and more, I’ve found that in the summer time even a tank top can be too much at times.

Since I’m a dude, I have the privilege of being able to run topless when it’s very hot out, which I regularly have to do. I didn’t know this until last year that, as you get in better shape, your body gets more efficient at sweating too. But, I digress.

A general rule is to dress as if it’s 20°F warmer. This is why I’m still wearing shorts when it’s 30° outside. It’s not until it gets down below 20° that I start putting on leggings.

In 30-40° weather I’ll wear a long sleeve tech shirt with a compression shirt beneath. Don’t forget the Body Glide to avoid the nip chafing on long runs!

As far as shorts go, there’s plenty of options out there. I prefer actual running shorts with the built-in liner, instead of wearing compression boxers and athletic shorts.

I’ve already written up my thoughts on socks.

Other miscellaneous thoughts on clothing:

Rain: I’ll wear a light running hat.

Sun: Either light athletic sunglasses, or my running hat.


  • Depending on the temperature and wind, I’ll either wear a full-on winter hat, or I may just toss on one of my gajillion Tough Mudder headbands to use as ear-warmers.
  • I also highly recommend a pair of wind-proof mittens for cold weather running. I usually only keep them on for a mile or two until my hands warm up all the way. I use Sugoi Zap Wind Mitts
  • And if you’re looking for a light jacket, with a hood for rain, pockets for your mittens, and bright/reflective surface for night running, then check out the Craft urban running jacket

That’s what I wear, but we’re all different. Try out different clothing options. See what works for you.

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